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Penny and friend



Things you will need right away:


  • Large Crate

  • Dome Lamp

  • Mazuri Mini Pig Feed YOUTH

  • Ivermectin Twice A Year Wormer



All of these supplies can be purchased from a livestock feed store where they sell horse supplies.


  • Training crate or medium cage

  • Low sided litter box with litter. (Use a low sided Corelle baking dish if needed at first)

  • Soft blankets

  • Heating pad

  • 2 Low, non-tip bowls (heavy ceramic)

  • Harness

  • Leash

  • “Unimilk or NurseAll” milk replacement, if wont eat pellets

Other Resources:


  • The Pig Pen


  • Piggy Manual by Misti Rose Ranch



Mini Pig Care
  • Keep piglet warm and dry (Use heating pad if necessary)

  • Place crate in quite corner

  • Keep piglet in crate until housebroken

  • Take piglet out only when you can give attention and training and house breaking. Otherwise keep piglet in crate for warmth and litter training

  • Be sure to use harness and leash when going outside

  • Crate train the same as a puppy

  • Place litter box in back of crate

  • Place bedding and bowls in front





Handle your piglet gently. Let it cuddle in your arms or lap while you watch TV. Some piglets can be a little skittish at first, so be sure not to let it jump. Bring it back to its crate to relieve itself frequently. Talk to your piglet nicely. Offer it low calorie treats. Scratch its belly and watch it fall over for it. You and your piglet will fall in love.





You can train your piglet to do almost anything a dog can do. Training is similar to that of a puppy, only piglets learn faster!





You will be informed if your piglet has been weaned or which stage of feeding it is at when you receive it.


  • Feed (“NurseAll or Unimilk), 4-5 times daily, about 3-4 oz per feeding for ages 2-3 weeks.

  • Feed “NurseAll” 4 times daily, about 4-6 oz per feeding for ages 3-6 weeks. Also a bowl of some dry pellets to nibble on. (About 1/8th cup) and a bowl of water.

  • For 6-8, wean off of “NurseAll”. Use water and dry food. Be tough, piglets like to be spoiled!

  • By 8 weeks your piglet should be weaned off of the milk and eating dry pellets, 1/8 cup 2-3 times a day.

  • At about 3-4 months, up the amount of dry pellets to ¼ cup 2-3 times a day.

  • Over 6 months, ½ cup 2 times a day.


(Recommend “Mazuri Mini Pig Food") Follow Feed Instructions.



Skin Care

Protect piglet skin from sunburn by using a sunblock lotion when outdoors. Pigs can get dry skin from indoor heat and AC.. You can use a mild moisturizer. I use Mane & Tail conditioner mixed with water in spray bottle. Bathing should be limited to when needed and not more than once a week.. Use a mild shampoo and rinse well. Bath only during the warmest part of the day. I prefer baby shampoo.



Deworming (very important)

I recommend the use of “Ivermectin” for prevention and treatment of internal and external parasites. Use “Ivermectin” twice a year to prevent and treat skin mites. Use other dewormers as recommended by your veterinarian. You will use a syringe to draw up the medicine. I give it orally, but double the dose. You will need to break down the calculation for the weight of your piglet. It will be a very small amount when they are little. If your piglet seems itchy this will help and should be done twice 10 days apart. And again in 6 months twice 10 days apart.



Salt poisoning in mini pigs


This is a very serious condition and your pet pig should be taken to the Vet immediately.


This can happen when your pet pig does not get enough water.  This condition is not usually the result of too much salt. Too much salt is never good for your pig. Never restrict water from you pig. Your pig should have water available at all times.  Snow is not considered water for your pig.


This can also happen because your pig has gotten into feed which contains a lot of salt, like chicken feed, turkey feed, fish food and others.


Solutions: if this happens to your pig, start them off with a small amount of water every half hour.  Do not let them drink all they want right away, doing so will cause the brain to swell and this can cause seizures. You need to let your Vet know and follow any instructions that they give you.


You know your pet the best and can detect if your pet is sick.

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