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Shipping Info

Shipping costs $350.00 and up


This price depends on how far away you are. If your over 12hrs from me then the price increases. 

This includes:


  • A crate that meets airline standards (great for potty training after they arrive)

  • Potty pads and bedding to make their trip clean and comfortable

  • A 120-mile round trip for us to deliver your pig to the airport

  • A USDA Health Certificate for airline travel

  • Transportation in heated or A/C vans to and from the planes

  • The airline ticket for your baby piglet's flight

  • A confirmation number and specific information for pick-up at your airport

  • A phone call, text or e-mail when we drop off your new baby piglet

  • Support for you and your family as you begin your new adventure

    • I do use other shippers, they will pick up your new piggy and deliver to you. Your pig's ride in the cab and will be very comfortable. 

** Sometimes there are restricted times of the day that they do not allow the animals on the plane.


I will keep in contact with you until your new pig arrives. 
Download our piglet contract:
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