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​When my husband Scott and I set out to purchase a micro mini pig for our daughter this past summer, we were incredibly fortunate to find Cindy Ross of Wee Wee Luv Mini Pigs in Kentucky. She met with us on two occasions, let us see her mature pigs as well as piglets, and patiently answered all of our questions. We were apprehensive at first. Although we have lots of other pets including cats, dogs and a barn full of horses we were extremely new to the world of mini pigs. Cindy put our minds at ease. We have maintained a close relationship with her and know anytime we have a question she will be there to help. We adore our little girl "Violet" she has a sweet disposition and is very intelligent! I can't imagine our lives without a mini pig. They are wonderful pets. Several of my friends have also gone on to purchase pigs from Cindy as well and they are equally as happy! 

J. Gillis-Ahern, Massachusetts

Owned by J. Gillis-Ahern, Massachusetts


I purchased Neville in August right before I moved to Florida for school.  From arranging the vet appointment to squeeze Neville in to be neutered to driving all the way to Virginia to hand deliver him to me, Cindy and the entire Wee Wee Mini Pig Farm team went above and beyond to get Neville to me before I got to Florida. Neville is now 6 months old and the best pet I have ever had. He is house trained, he sits, he walks on a leash and he even rides a skateboard! He has become a little celebrity at the horse shows and at the airports (he's a frequent flyer and sleeps the entire flight). He is currently while I'm writing this snuggled in fast asleep on my lap. I couldn't thank Cindy and the entire Wee Wee Luv Mini Pig Farm team enough for everything they did for Neville and I. They truly are the best!

H. White, Florida

Owned by H. White, Florida


I grew up with dogs and horses and everything in between. A friend of ours decided to buy their daughter a baby piglet. I was a bit interested and my friend said, “if you had one you would never want to have  another puppy." I was very skeptical…jokingly I said to my son, “wouldn’t that be a cool gift for your upcoming 16th birthday." Bad move on my part, after talking it over with my wife, we decided it would be a bad idea and a lot of work. I went back to my son and told him I’m sorry I brought it up. He was really bummed out. I felt bad because I was the one that brought it up. Well we decided to go ahead with it. I had visions of a pig running through the house and people in our community thinking we were some type of crazy farm people with wild animals running through the house. All I can say is WOW!


My son named the pig “Howie." When he arrived from Wee Wee Luv Mini Pigs he was pretty much house broken like a dog. It was soon apparent though as the cool crisp Fall air arrived that Howie hated to go out in the cold. We decided to convert him to doing his jobs in a litter box and to my surprise he took to it like a champ. Everyone in our house fights over Howie; he is so cuddly and so much fun. All the things I was told were true! The biggest problem I have is I work out of the house and I can’t keep my hands off the little guy! I’m not saying these guys (and gals) are for everyone because they crave attention and need TLC but if you are looking for a companion or an alternative to a dog or cat than you came to the right place.


Cindy the owner of Wee Wee Luv Mini Pigs didn’t know what she was getting into when she let us adopt Howie. It was like having my first child again and being afraid to do something wrong but she put up with all my questions and crazy text messages. Dogs are great but the two smaller dogs we have are so hyper to travel with where Howie is so chill and low maintenance. You really have to experience it to understand. Howie has become a bit of a celebrity in our small suburb and on Facebook!

R. Miller, Wisconsin

Owned by H. White, Florida
Owned by H. White, Florida
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